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The Greywater Portal

Planted cattails at Millcreek greywater
Greywater, sometimes also spelled as graywater, grey water or gray water, is all of the effluent water from a household, such as water discharged from lavatories (bathroom sinks), bathtubs, showers, clothes washers, and laundry trays. Greywater is not wastewater from a sink used for food preparation, or water closet (toilet) wastewater.

The water leaving our homes carries nutrients and value. It may also contain pathogens, and/or harsh chemicals and care should be taken with it. However, it is not a great risk compared to blackwater (sewage).

Redirecting the water we use for tasks such as showering allows us to reclaim some of that value to grow plants and recharge the water table. It may be necessary to choose our soaps and detergents more carefully, if we use the greywater for watering and fertilizing plants.

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Marsh as of February 24th, 2009
The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT)'s greywater marsh we inherited has been an on-going project since 2007 when it was relocated to its current location. It is a subsurface marsh off the southwest corner of the house. The greywater comes from the sinks, the shower, and the laundry machine inside the house. The original design had a settling tank first with a sock filter and a siphon system. The siphon was to draw water up out of the tank through the piping over to the second tank, which was about 15 feet away to the south located directly adjacent to the subsurface rock marsh. This second tank was to act as a surge tank. Please see the CCAT greywater marsh (2008) webpage to get the full description of the work that was done as of June of 2008. The current wetland portion of the marsh was left incomplete in anticipation of an end-use for the treated greywater. The surge and settling tanks were also left in need of final adjustments and appurtenances, such as a filter, secure lids, and the completion of the siphon system. Options for the use of the treated water include, gravity fed irrigation or pumping the filtered water into the rainwater catchment system tank for use on all CCAT landscapes and/or for greenhouse irrigation.

Greywater without land. A five stage, activated sludge greywater system in drums.

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CCAT greywater
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