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This is a proposed Appropedia policy. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.

It has been suggested that Appropedia:Encyclopedic material be merged into this page or section. (Discuss).

Appropedia complements Wikipedia[edit]

Appropedia complements Wikipedia, rather than competing with it. We're ultimately concerned about our planet and the welfare of humanity, rather than being the "best" at something.

Early on, the Appropedia community decided that the most constructive policy was to consider that:

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (see Wikipedia:Project:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia), and
  • Appropedia is a much broader resource, with material not permitted on Wikipedia, such as:
    • original research
    • case studies
    • project writeups
    • how-tos
    • analysis

Appropedia cooperates with Wikipedia[edit]

The Appropedia community wants Wikipedia to be successful, and to have great resources on the topics that we focus on. Wikipedia will probably always be more well known than Appropedia, with a larger community of editors and a wider variety of viewpoints. Many people will go to Wikipedia to search for information on these topics, and we want them to find good information.

Appropedia cooperates with Wikibooks[edit]

In addition to Wikipedia, Appropedia also cooperates with Wikibooks. Appropedia members can for example improve certain Wikibooks that are useful for appropriate technology-related projects, and extract usable information for Appropedia articles. (Copying between the wikis requires Attribution, of course.)

Appropedia cooperates with Wikiversity[edit]

In addition to Wikipedia, Appropedia also cooperates with Wikiversity. Appropedia members can for example make (worked out) suggestions here regarding the production of new appropriate technology. In addition, course material can be demanded here for use in education-related appropriate technology projects. Appropedia links are also welcomed at Wikiversity, so relevant links to high quality Appropedia pages should be added.

Appropedia encourages networking[edit]

For Wikipedia, socializing may be a side-benefit, but it's frowned upon if people start networking for reasons not directly related to developing Wikipedia.

Appropedia on the other hand, has networking as a secondary goal (sharing of knowledge being our primary goal). Rather than having "developing Appropedia" as the only allowable goal of networking, we encourage any networking that helps us to develop humanity and protect the planet that we rely on, regardless of whether it directly benefits Appropedia.

So, please feel free to network and socialize, using user boxes and user searches to connect with people who have have similar interests and passions. See Appropedia:Networking for more details on how to do this.

Appropedia is not MySpace, nor for aggressive marketing[edit]

Appropedia is not for promoting your band, unless it is a band promoting sustainability and justice, playing with a carbon neutral footprint or the like.

You're encouraged to let people know about your sustainable business, on your user page and where you have reason to think they might be interested, but please don't market aggressively and don't spam. We're here to enable and empower ourselves and each other, so please put time into sharing your information and wisdom, and helping others, as well as promoting your own particular group/company/cause.

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