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Air pollution

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Air pollution is a chemical, particulate matter, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.

Worldwide air pollution is responsible for large numbers of deaths and cases of respiratory disease.[verification needed] While major stationary sources such as power plants are often identified with air pollution, the greatest source of emissions is actually mobile sources, mainly automobiles.[verification needed] Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming, have recently gained recognition as pollutants and internationally laws are being developed to reduce these emissions.


Particulates are a major cause of respiratory problems - these can be reduced by:

Indoor air pollution[edit]

Indoor air pollution is a less visible threat, originating mainly in:

Outdoor air pollution[edit]

Number of deaths per million due to air pollution
Global air pollution

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The big smoke, 09 December 2002 - the smogs of London that killed thousands in the 1950s.

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